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It's always a crapshoot ordering old things online, sight unseen, but not this time -- these pieces are immaculate! Did you make them?? It's incredible that a set so old could be in such pristine condition...I couldn't be happier.

Thank you!


Good morning,

OMGoodness. The items arrived, and they are spectacular. Just spectacular. They make what I thought was a pretty darn good job by me polishing the rest of my set (quick tarnex dip/rub and hand polishing with a very soft paste) pale comparison. I thought I had succeeded in getting my yellow Silver-plate white. Not compared to your pieces!

I need a buffer!

Thank you SO much. I'll be checking your Site frequently!


G. R.


I just wanted to let you know that I received my order. I am very impressed with the speed of the delivery and the packaging of my order. The quality of the silverware is excellent and I would highly recommend you!!!

Thanks again for everything,

R. Smith

Good evening,

A number of years ago my grandmother willed to me her complete china cabinet with contents and her silverware, which she took great pride in and cherished. The silverware pattern is quite old, the Oneida Plantation 1881 Rogers 1948 pattern. Although it's an excellent set for 8, it's only recently that I decided to add to it. And it's only recently that I discovered your website. I have since purchased 8 each of the butter knives and soup spoons. I just wanted to relay to you how completely satisfied and very happy I am about the additions. The quality of your stock so far has been exceptional and I will continue to order other pieces although I think I am getting very close to a complete set! Again, thank you so much and if I know anyone in the market for beautiful silverware I will be sure to pass along your information! :-)

One very satisfied customer,

Jaime R.

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service and great product you provided me with this order !

I received them in great shape and am so happy to add them to my flatware collection !

With appreciation and Happy Holidays !


I have just received my silver flatware. I was missing a few peaces from my grand mother's. They were in perfect condition. Very happy custumer.

Je viens juste de recevoir les pièces manquantes de la coutellirie me provenant de ma grand-mère. Dans un état impeccable. Je suis vraiment content !

Jean-Pascal M.

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my Queen Mary pieces. They are in excellent condition and look brand new. One never knows what to expect and I was hoping they would look like that when I was opening my box and their condition exceeded my expectations. And they arrived on time as well giving me plenty of time to wash them and set the table for Saturday’s dinner. I am happy that I finally have a complete set to use and they look perfect with my china.

I believe that you offer a polishing service for older pieces that may be scratched?

Would you keep me in mind if you receive a large meat fork, salad servers and a meat carving set too?

I will definitely peruse your site and look at other items of interest.

Thanks kindly,


I recently ordered some replacement pieces for a set of flatware. This set belonged to my parents, and I remember it from my childhood. I was a bit apprehensive about the state of the pieces I would receive.

I am writing to tell you that I couldn't be happier with them. They are beautiful. I'm going to have to work harder on my original pieces to bring them up to snuff.

I think my other old sets are complete, but if I ever need supplemental pieces, I will order them from you.

One last note; they got here much sooner than expected.

Thank you for your prompt and thorough fulfillment of my order.

Kathy W.

Hello, what a wonderful website, I have been checking out all the silverware I have and when I get down to my special set, I will be scouring your website to see if you have any of my missing pieces! It is very thorough and I tell my family and friends about how helpful it is...Well done!

Very pleased with your service! I received my knives very fast and they look amazing!
Nancy B.

We are very impressed with your inventory and were able to replace several pieces of missing flatware in a hard to find pattern. The quality of the silver is outstanding. We are simply delighted.
Jon & Cheryl T.

My flatware arrived the day after I ordered it and was in excellent condition. I am very pleased - thank you!
Shirley G.